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Training Resource Network, Inc.

Offering resources on the full inclusion of
persons with disabilities in their communities

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  Person Centered Planning Supported Employment 
Whose Life Is It Anyway CD ($49.99) Supported Employment InfoLines ($109 US/Canada) 
More Like a Dance ($109) Supported Employment InfoLines ($149 International) 
More Like a Dance manual ($12)  The Road Ahead ($32.95) 
Positive Profiles ($25)  Supported Employment in Business ($34.95)  
Reach for the Dream! ($20)  No More Job Interviews ($29.95) 
Take Charge of Your Job Search ($20)  Career Recovery ($29) 
Working on the Dream ($18.50)  Employee Satisfaction Survey ($89)  
Vocational Decision-Making Interview ($29.95) Accommodating Employees w/ Psychiatric Disabilities ($69.95)
Facing the Future ($19) 
  Self-Determination   Conversion: Making Community a Reality ($49) 
Self Determination:Core Principles PG ($8)  It's All Part of the Job ($59) 
1. Self Advocacy ($149.95)  Effective Training CD ($49)
2. Shaking Off Stereotypes ($149.95)  Com Visions CD: Assessment ($75)
3. Getting Organized ($149.95)  Com Visions CD: Job Development ($75) 
4. My Choice, Your Decision ($149.95)  Com Visions CD: Job Coaching ($75) 
5. Disability Identity and Culture ($149.95)  Com Visions: SET of CDs ($195) 
6. Changing Attitudes ($149.95)  Social Skills at Work CD ($129) 
7. Leading Change ($149.95)   Beyond Borders ($19)  
Sticks and Stones ($49.95)  30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee ($29.95)  
Lasting Leadership ($89)
  Staff Training & Community Inclusion Marketing & Job Development 
Enhancing the Lives of People with Disabilities ($24.95)  Demystifying Job Development ($29.95) 
Trainers Guide: Enhancing the Lives ($24.95)  Surprising Answers ($29)  
A Guide to Building Community Membership ($19.95)  Discovering an Untapped Resource ($29) 
Journeys in Progress ($39)  The Job Developer's Guide to the ADA ($29) 
Cultivating Community ($39)  The Job Development Handbook ($15) 
In My Shoes: At Work ($89)  Get the Marketing Edge! ($39) 
In My Shoes: Growing Old ($89) Beyond Traditional Job Development ($29.95) 
In My Shoes: Services and Supports ($89) The Job Developer's Attaché ($42) 
In My Shoes: Friendmaking ($89)  The Job Search Handbook ($16.95) 
Faces, Patterns, Possibilities CD ($95) 
Getting Around ($19.95) 
 Disability Awareness Natural Support 
Voices in the Storm ($15.95) Coffee Breaks and Birthday Cakes ($29)  
Expect the Unexpected ($13.95)  Facilitating Workplace Supports ($29)  
Training for Job Success ($99) 
Family Support  Natural Supports in Action ($25)
Whatever It Takes! ($25)  Developing Natural Supports in the Workplace ($20)  
Rehabilitation Management Supported Living   
Working Better, Working Smarter ($32)  CHORE Home Management System ($99.95)    
Reach for the Stars ($29.95)  CHORE Home Management for ROOMMATES ($169.95) 
Cultual Shifting ($24.95)  One Person at a Time ($24.95)
Keeping House ($29)

Pocket Guide Sample Set (One each, save 25%)
Employer Perceptions of Workers with Disabilities
Reducing Wasteful Organizational Practices
Employer Incentives Working with Unions in Supported Employment
Do I Want This Job?
It's My Meeting!
Supporting Workers with Disabilities
Family Pocket Guide to Supported Employment
It's My Home Hoist Your Own Sails
Attainment Training Self Determination
Where Did The Time Go? Transition to Adult Life
Consumer Pack-1 Each ($29) Family Pack-1 Each ($19)
Consumer Pack-20 Each ($539) Family Pack-20 Each ($349)
Job Development Pack-1 Each ($25)
All 13 Pocket Guides ($75) Job Development Pack-20 Each ($469)


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